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Growing Older NOT Old: A Support Group for Aging Well: Choosing to be Strong; Choosing Happiness in Portland, Oregon

Transitional Insights is dedicated to supporting and empowering  older adults as they proceed through the transition of aging into elderhood. Whether you are enjoying growing older, hating it, or are just beginning to think about it, this group will provide support and principles for aging well. 

Our Aging Group Topics Include
  • Stages of Aging
  • Principles for Aging Well
  • Our Roles in Elderhood
  • Choosing to Be Strong
  • Choosing Happiness
  • Taking Charge of Our Lives


Contact Joan

Transitional Insights is located at a lovely creek side setting in Lake Oswego. For more information call Joan Hardy at 503-317-5952 or email Joan at


Meet the Facilitator

image of Joan and her dog Patience Joan Hardy, Licensed Professional Counselor, has been a counselor and group facilitator for 22 years.  She specializes in support groups for adults in transition.  She will share information and facilitate personal growth, connection, and support with depth and caring.

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Patience and her “mom”, Joan Hardy, are in their 70’s and “know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two”.  They would like to join and support you in your journey of growing older, not “old”.  We invite you to experience this opportunity to expand your network of friends and to learn from each other.