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This AGING WELL Discussion Group will examine the components of aging well that have evolved through the most recent research on the body and brain.

Aging Well Components Include
  • Proven Positive Effects of Healthy Relationships on Your Body and Brain
  • Ideas for Making More Friends and Improving Your Relationships
  • Recent Research on, and Ways to Improve, Your Memory and Mind
  • How to Avoid Stress Hormones that Are Harmful to Your Body and Brain:
       Realistic Thinking
  • Exercise and Nutrition that Can Slow or Reverse Brain Cell Loss
  • The Powerful Influence of Your Attitude about Your Aging---Upon Your Aging
  • Other Components of Aging Well: Giving Back; Spirituality (Not Necessarily Religion)
  • How to Develop and Sustain Motivation for Your Goals in Aging Well

Meet Your Facilitator
Joan Hardy, Licensed Professional Counselor and older adult herself, has been a group facilitator for 23 years. She specializes in groups for adults in transition. She will share information on the most recent research on Aging Well and facilitate connection with other group members with depth and caring. This is a great opportunity for you to make new friends.

Joan is located at a lovely creek side setting at:
15100 SW Boones Ferry Road, 750A; Lake Oswego, OR 97035
For more information please call Joan at: (503) 317-5952
or email Joan at